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Archived Playlists - September

Sunday, September 30, 2001
Artist Song Album Label
Daniel Menche October's Larynx, Pt 1 October's Larynx Alluvial
Rapoon The Telling Errant Angels Soleilmoon
OBE Recycled Feedback ? ?
M^2 As The Doubt Creeps Back In Parsec Hands
Otto Von Schriach Lunatic Nitrates ? Schematic
Straylight Live at the Knitting Factory, Pt 1 Straylight Deep Listening
David Behrman Leapday Night, Scene 2 ? ?
Pauline Oliveros Something Else No Mo Pogus Productions
Skincage Relapse Axon Malignant Antibody
Illusion Of Safety Immanent ? Soleilmoon
Eddie Prévost & Jim O'Rourke Two's Company Third Straight Day Made Public Complacency


Sunday, September 23, 2001
Artist Song Album Label
Controlled Bleeding The Poisoner, Pt 2 The Poisoner Soleilmoon
Black Lung Another Moth-Eaten Happiness Profound And Sentimental Journey Ant-Zen
Skincage Relapse Axon Malignant Antibody
Eric Glick Rieman Coiled Plumbbob Ten To The Googolplex Accretions
Biosphere Sphere Of No Form Substrata Thirsty Ear
Robert Rich & Brian Lustmord Elemental Trigger Stalker Fathom
Big Butter Brainsled (edit) From The Udder Duck Butter Music
Climax Golden Twins You Drove Me, Nearly Drove Me Climax Golden Twins Fire Breathing Turtle
Starship Beer Postal Nexus 3 Nut Music As Free As The Squirrels Unheard Music Series
Climax Golden Twins Frankly Climax Golden Twins Fire Breathing Turtle
AMM Ailantus Glandulosa AMMMusic 1966 Matchless Records
Russell Mills / Undark How Safe Is Deep? One Strange Familiar Instinct
Evelyn Glennie & Michael Braver Battle Cry Shadow From Behind The Iron Sun RCA Victor
Brian Eno & J. Peter Schwam Bloom Drawn From Life Astralwerks
Needle Sharing Club Empty My Kind Came First Hands
5F_55 4E65 777A 5F_55 Hands