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  Jason Finkelman
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Archived Playlists - August

Sunday, August 25, 2002
Artist Song Album Label
Street Level Soundsystem AJ.4 s/t Eupholus
Forma 4 Clouds Cycle DTA
Stone Glass Steel Elminiation Flick Dismembering Artists Malignant
M^2 As The Doubt Creeps Back In Parsec Hands
Big Tex Fancy Boy's Fancy Pants Authentic Songs Of The Old West Crunch Pod Media
Pan Sonic Ulottuvuus Aaltopiiri Hands
Blitzoids Chair RêR Quarterly Vol 4, No 1 RêR
Ultrasound Sparks In My Clouds Hamesh Autonomy
Robert Rutman Steel Cello and Bow Chime 1939 Pogus
If, Bwana Tripping India Tripping India Pogus
Muslimgauze Saladin Mercy Gun Aramic Soleilmoon
Skincage Giza Axon Malignant Antibody
MSBR Spherical Electronics II Ultimate Ambience 2 20 City
Wilt Sandman Radio 1940 Ad Noiseam
Cruelty Campaign Scanner Darkly Distressed Signals Tesco
Gruntsplatter Genomic Rituals The Information Apocalypse Annihilvs

Friday, August 18, 2002
Artist Song Album Label
The Music Tapes A Warning! 1st Imaginary Symphony For Nomad Merge
Glenn Branca Symphony No. 3 Selections From The Symphonies Atavistic
Troum Dhren Tjukurrpa: Part 2 - Drones Transgradient
Wilt Radio Tower Radio 1940 Ad Noiseam
Chaos As Shelter Ultima Thule 74 x 13 DTA
If, Bwana Barump Poe Breathing Pogus
K.K. Null & Jim O'Rourke Operation DNA New Kind Of Water Charnel House
Tom Heasley Thonis On The Sensation Of Tone Innova
Robert Rutman Chant, Bow Chime and Horn 1939 Pogus
Johnathon Hughes Alta Trillium Foundry
Kato Hideki Savage Hope And Despair Extreme
V.O.S. Procession Of The Servile Subsnow 02-02 Ad Noiseam
Pauline Oliveros Epigraphs In The Time Of AIDS, Pt 1 Epigraphs In The Time Of AIDS Periplum
Jeff Greinke Metal From The Sky Cities In Fog Projekt
Jin Hi Kim Youngary Meets Big Foot Komunguitar ¿What Next?
Masaoka, Nunn & Robair Track 4 Crepuscular Music Rastascan

Sunday, August 11, 2002
Artist Song Album Label
The Music Tapes A Warning! 1st Imaginary Symphony For Nomad Merge
Forrest Fang Water Birds Gongland Projekt
Gustavo Augilar Zamzam, A Ki-River Spring Dreaming With Serpents Acoustic Levetation
Lights In A Fat City Valley Of The Winds Somewhere City Of Tribes
Alejandro Iglesias-Rossi Ascención Travels Of The Spider Pogus
Mark Van Hoen + Seofon Shrine 360° Foundry
Bill Laswell + Tetsu Inoue Monochrome Existence, Pt 6 Cymatic Scan Subharmonic
Screening Experiments 74 x 13 DTA
Troum Afgod Tjukurrpa: Part 2 - Drones Transgradient
[Law-Rah] Collective Eyrie Subsnow 02-02 Ad Noiseam
Wilt Dawn Of Technology [End Time] Radio 1940 Ad Noiseam
Rune Lindblad Fragment 1 Death Of The Moon Pogus
Robert Fripp & Brian Eno The Heavenly Music Corporation The Essential Fripp & Eno Caroline
Frank Zappa It Has Just Been Passed Kill Ugly Radio Rykodisc

Sunday, August 4, 2002
Artist Song Album Label
The Music Tapes A Warning! 1st Imaginary Symphony For Nomad Merge
Seth Misterka And The Misterka Clones Friday The 13th, Pt 1 President's Day Newsonic
No Doctors Solomon Grundy No Doctors Freedom From
Skullflower Argon IV Argon Freek
John Corbett & Heavy Friends Speed Hump I'm Sick About My Hat Atavistic
Holger Czukay Good Morning Story Good Morning Story Tone Casualties
David Thrussell Turn Muzak On Its Head The Voices Of Reason Ant-Zen
Club Foot Orchestra Industry, Theme Of The Ancient Slaves, The City Metropolis Heyday
John Gavanti I Awake An Operetta Atavistic
Cordell Klier One Thousand Snow Birds Devastation Evasto Media
Tod Dockstader Four Telemetry Tapes No. 4 Apocalypse Starkland
Robert Rutman Tabla And Buzz Chime 1939 Pogus
Teiji Ito Axis Mundi Meshes ¿What Next?
Roger Reynolds Ping All Known All White Pogus
Jeffrey Krieger Ryoanji Night Chains CRI
Tony Conrad Slapping Pythagoras Pt 2 Slapping Pythagoras Table Of The Elements
Ultrasound A Fool Listens With His Eyes Drone 7" Drone