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Archived Playlists - May

Sunday, May 25, 2003
Artist Song Album Label
Dalaba/Frith/Glick Rieman/Kihlstedt Shallow Weather Dalaba/Frith/Glick Rieman/Kihlstedt Accretions
Larval Her Last Good Day Obedience Cuneiform
Robert Poss The Level Above Distortion Is Truth Trace Elements
Einstürzende Neubauten Zeichnungen Des Patienten O.T. Drawings Of A Patient O.T. Thirsty Ear
Crawl Unit Conecrack, Speaker Rot, Etc. The Future In Reverse Povertech
The [Law-Rah] Collective Isolation Isolation
Thomas Dimuzio Nocturne Mono:Poly Gench
Luasa Raelon A Smoking Mirror 80000 V Snip-Snip
Deucalion Hey, Whats That Green Thing? Positive Feedback Eupholus
The Swans I Love You This Much Soundtracks For The Blind Atavistic
Maeror Tri Undisonus Emotional Engramm Iris Light
Lukazs Szalankiewicz Glodne Duchy Electroacoustic Music Vol 8 Electroshock
The Hafler Trio Hljodmyno (excerpt) Hljodmyno Die Stadt
Donkey Crick Big Sur Accretions
Wolf Eyes Dead Hills Dead Hills Troubleman Unlimited

Sunday, May 18, 2003
Artist Song Album Label
playlist unavailable   sorry

Sunday, May 11, 2003
Artist Song Album Label
The Music Tapes A Warning! 1st Imaginary Symphony For Nomad Merge
Vidna Obmana Beyond The Shaman Spore Release
Magicicada Failed March Putting Out Fires Unfinished Submarine
Gen Ken Montgomery Rewinding Shadowland Pondfloorsample XI
Robert Poss The Level Above Distortion Is Truth Trace Elements
Wolf Eyes Rotten Tropics Dead Hills Troubleman Unlimited
Bastard Noise Temple Of Youth RRRevenge  
Instruction Shuttle Track 5 A Few Songs Astromass
Thomas Dimuzio 1 Birth In The Hand & A 100 On The Fly Mono:Poly Gench
Radiosonde No Solutions Meter Sickness Groundfault
Crawl Unit Untitled (Drone 2) Everyone Gets What They Deserve C.I.P.
Oöphoi Samten Bardo Bardo Electroshock
Seclusion Part 2 Yukigafuru Some Fine Legacy
Pauline Oliveros & Randy Raine-Reusch Silence Echoes In The Shadow Of The Phoenix Big Cat
Stephan Millard Peeling Skin Black Window Angry Vegan
Donkey Fog Big Sur Accretions
James Tenny Collage #1 ("Blue Suede") Selected Works 1961-1969 New World
Main Phase Space Deliquescence Beggar's Banquet
Günter Müller & Taku Sugimoto Snow Pocket I Am Happy If You Are Happy For 4 Ears

Sunday, May 4, 2003
Artist Song Album Label
The Music Tapes A Warning! 1st Imaginary Symphony For Nomad Merge
Donkey Crick Big Sur Accretions
Erinys Monounsaturated Monophidelic Furious Recording Technologies
Chas Smith Absence Of Redemption An Hour Out Of Desert Center Cold Blue
Molasses Lisa's Waltz (Running Away From Home) Trilogie: Toil & A Peaceful Life Fancy
Robert Poss Brakhage Distortion Is Truth Trace Elements
Richard Bone Indium, P-1 Indium Electroshock
John Cage Two^4: For Violin And Piano The Works For Violin 3 Mode
David Behrman Players With Circuits Wave Train Alga Marghen
Thomas Dimuzio Anti-Body::Anti-Matter Mono::Poly Gench
Illusion Of Safety A Cross Between Wallpaper And God Water Seeks Its Own Level Staalplaat/Manifold
Cruelty Campaign The Arguement Distressed Signals Tesco
Hecate Vs Lustmord Megavoid Law Of The Battle Of Conquest Hymen
Wolf Eyes Dead Hills 2 Dead Hills Troubleman Unlimited
The Gerogerigegege Endless Humiliation Endless Humiliation Japan Overseas
Eric Chasalow Left To His Own Devices Left To His Own Devices New World
Stop Children It's The Beat Chaos Musick Droplift
  Smells Like Teen Spirit The String Tribute To Nirvana Vitamin
[The User] Track 3 Symphony #2 For Dot Matrix Printers Asphodel
Merzbow Looping Jane (Beat Mix) Merzbeat Important
John Corbett & Heavy Friends Ready Kilowatt I'm Sick About My Hat Atavistic
Robert Poss Where Do Things Stand Distortion Is Truth Trace Elements