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  Jason Finkelman
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Sunday Evenings 8-10pm    
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Archived Playlists - July

Sunday, July 27, 2003
Artist Song Album Label
The Music Tapes A Warning! 1st Imaginary Symphony For Nomad Merge
Janisary Music Track 4 Janisary Music Social Registry
Novy Svet Punished With Longing Cuori Di Petrolio Hau Ruck
Richard Youngs Oceanic Days Overdub
C.W. Vrtacek When Morning Comes Fifteen Mnemonic Devices Odd Size
Maurice Methot Fred / Therese Chamber Of Secrets Conr
Ure Thrall And the Fruitless Hand Gibbous Moon In The Fourth World Forbidden Fruit Hydrx Delusions
Mick Harris & Ambre Ome Dys Hushush
Thomas Dimuzio Revenge Of Toad Brain Mono:Poly Gench
Cordell Klier Track 5 Blessed Be The Authoritarians Snip-Snip
Inanna Track 6 Signal / Or / Minimal Crowd Control Activities
Main Neper Part III Hz Beggar's Banquet
Temporary Contemporary 2 Repeat For 4 Ears
Eric Glick Rieman Whigmaleerian Duologue Ten To The Googleplex Accretions

Sunday, July 20, 2003
Artist Song Album Label
The Music Tapes A Warning! 1st Imaginary Symphony For Nomad Merge
Pink Anvil Unmerry Halloween Ipecac
Volcano The Bear Sex Transfusion Volseptor Beta-Lactam Ring
4 Treck Stick Vs Tric Overdub
Maurice Methot Ties That Bind Chamber Of Secrets Conr
Monstre Toys 74 Sucre 3 Alien8
Odd Nosdam Track 4 No More Wig In Ohio Anticon
David Thrussell Turn Muzak On Its Head The Voices Of Reason Ant-Zen
Otto Von Schirach Pelican Moondance Chopped Zombie Fungus Schematic
Secret Chiefs 3 Inn Of 3 Doors First Grand Constitution And Bylaws Mimicry
The Residents Constantinople Duck Stab ESD
Holger Czukay Mirage Good Morning Story Tone Casualties
Stilluppsteypa Yes Sir Can I Improvise? Stories Part Five Ritornell
Vote Robot Mtae Iroa In Meorm NA Scratch
Stars Of The Lid Anchor States Pt 2 Per Aspera As Astra Kranky
Final Solaris Solaris Alley Sweeper
Gastr Del Sol Mirror Repair Mirror Repair Drag City
Kristian / Shalabi / St Onge Tinkle Reptile Kristian, Shalabi, St Onge Alien8
The Magic Carpathians Lavender, Satin, & Gingerbread Euscorpius Carpathicus OBUH
Nymphomatriarch Input Nymphomatriarch Hymen
Thomas Dimuzio Sidereal Rust Mono:Poly Gench
Ambre Reflux Enclave Ant-Zen
Propeller Track 8 Oro Scratch

Sunday, July 13, 2003
Artist Song Album Label
playlist unavailable   sorry

Sunday, July 6, 2003
Artist Song Album Label
The Hafler Trio Alternation Perception & Resistance A Bag Of Cats Touch
Hands To Thrx SFO Zabriskie Point
Beequeen Nichi Nichi Kore Ko Nichi Treatise Auf Abwegen
Robert Poss Drift Crossing Casco Bay Trace Elements
Ignaz Schick & Andrea Neumann Petit II Petit Pale Zarek
Lull Vs Origami Arktika Brook Trout >Brook< Fario
Günter Müller & Jim O'Rourke In Over Besides Weighting For 4 Ears
Thomas Dimuzio Nocturne Mono:Poly Gench
Artemiey Artemiev & Philip B Klingler The Other Side Of The Inner World A Moment Of Infinity Electroshock
Cruelty Campaign Scanner Darkly Distressed Signals Tesco
ESO Steel A Scratch Galleries 4-6 20 City
Maeror Tri Nebulos Emotional Engramm Iris Light
Ambre Rance Daruma Ant-Zen
The Hafler Trio Eloise C Mastery Of Money Touch