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Archived Playlists - October

Sunday, October 26, 2003
Artist Song Album Label
Steve Reich Dolly Three Tales Nonesuch
O'Keefe / Stanyek / Walton / Whitehead Sliver Tunnel Circumvention
Sonic Youth / James Tenney Having Never Written A Note For Percussion Goodbye 20th Century SYR
Vertonen The Last Great Circus Of Desperate Heritage The Ocean Is Gone, The Ship Is Next Groundfault
Matmos For Felix (All The Rats) A Chance To Cut Is A Chance To Cure Matador
Brian Eno Two Rapid Formations Music For Films EG
Odd Nosdam Track 21 No More Wig For Ohio Anticon
Henry Jacobs Interview With Jocko Radio Programme Locust
Peteris Vasks III. Chorale Kronos Quartet / String Quartet No. 4 Nonesuch
Polmo Polpo Farewell Like Hearts Swelling Constellation
Mark Deutsch Kundalini Rising Fool  
Origami Arktika Solar Brook Fario
Kiyo Flow Chaotech Odd Echo Schematic
Tim Hecker Music For Tundra Haunt Me Substractif
Daniel Goode Coeur D'orr 8 Thrushes In New York Frog Peak
Einstuzende Neubauten Armenia II (Live) Strategies Against Architetcure II Mute
Sabers Golden Green Specter Neurot
People Like Us / Matmos / Wobbly Wide Open Spaces Wide Open Spaces Tigerbeat6

Sunday, October 19, 2003
Artist Song Album Label
John Adams Roadrunner Chamber Symphony Elektra / Nonesuch
Gastr Del Sol The Harp Factory On Lake Street The Harp Factory On Lake Street Table Of The Elements
Harry Partch Wait For The Next Drag Kronos Quartet / U.S. Highball Nonesuch
Daniel Goode Mockingbird 8 Thrushes In New York Frog Peak
Hamilton / Silverton / Margolis He Can't Take You With Him Analogue Smoque Pogus
Marcelo Radulovich & Marcos Fernandes Shipbuilding The Whisper Chipper Accretions
Janisary Music Track 4 Janisary Music Social Registry
Dosh Water Turn Off Notice Dosh Anticon
Syzygys D.P.O. Complete Studio Recordings Tzadik
European Chaos String Quintet Siedemnascie Linien For 4 Ears
Steve Reich Darwin Three Tales Nonesuch
Brise-Glace Stump Of A Drowner When In Veritas Skin Graft
György Ligeti Automne Varsovie Works For Piano Sony Classical
Gen Ken Montgomery Bird Eating Pondfloorsample XI
V/VM Gingivitis My Malady Mental Monkey
Volcano The Bear Oslo Top Volseptor Beta-Lactam Ring
Volcano The Bear Reah's Mort Volseptor Beta-Lactam Ring
Sabers Lion Pose Specter Neurot
Set Fire To Flames Mouths Trapped In Static Telegraphs In Negative / Mouths Trapped In Static Alien8
Set Fire To Flames This Thing Between Us Is A Rickity Bridge Of Impossible Crossing Telegraphs In Negative / Mouths Trapped In Static Alien8
Alan Licht 14. Second. Fifth A New York Minute XI

Sunday, October 12, 2003
Artist Song Album Label
The Music Tapes A Warning! 1st Imaginary Symphony For Nomad Merge
Hal Willner's Whoops I'm An Indian Salt Peanuts (The Mr Peanut Chronicles The Charlie Parker Remix Project Savoy Jazz
Secret Chiefs 3 Borderland First Grand Constitution And Bylaws Mimicry
Hans Fjellestad 09 Pica 33 Accretions
Mike Patton Latte Alla Luce Verde Pranzo Oltranzista Tzadik
Tribes Of Neurot Disk 1 Track 4 Adaptation And Survival Neurot
Nommo Ogo Were-Eel Hybrid Components Component
David Coulter Picnic On... Intervention Young God
Harry partch Crossing Great Salt Lake, U-Take U.S. Highball Nonesuch
David Zielinski Acoustic Guitar 4 Sketches (volume 2)  
Nathan Michel Glide Dear Bicycle Tigerbeat 6
FM Einheit Duell Sensation Death Invisible
Violent Onsen Geisha 100 Dance Terrorists Nation Of Rhythm Slaves Rail
Steve Berrios Lonely Woman / Acolona First World Milestone
David Sylvian Epiphany Approaching Silence Virgin / Shakti
The Grails The Deed The Burden Of Hope Neurot
Steve MacLean Piano 1 Flies In The Face Of Logic Pogus
George Crumb Black Angels: II Absence Black Angels Nonesuch
Gaby Kerpel Toritos Carnabailito Nonesuch

Sunday, October 5, 2003
Artist Song Album Label
The Music Tapes A Warning! 1st Imaginary Symphony For Nomad Merge
Steve Reich I Couldn't Understand It Three Tales Nonesuch
William S. Burroughs William's Welcome Dead City Radio Island
Cornelius Mic Check Fantasma Matador
Vertonen Soma Trio Study (#2) The Ocean Is Gone, The Ship Is Next Groundfault
Gaby Kerpel Herias Sin Herir Carnabailito Nonesuch
Brian Eno & J. Peter Schwalm Two Voices Drawn From Life Astralwerks
So B So Thrill Jockey
Briggan Krauss Last Gasp Extraction Of The World Descending To End Knitting Factory
Elliot Sharp Diurnal String Quartets 1986-1996 Tzadik
Henry Jacobs Interview With Shorty Petterstein Radio Programme No. 1 Locust
Robert Dick Purple Haze Third Stone From The Sun New World
Alan Licht Another Sky A New York Minute XI
Ove-Naxx Wabisabi Violence Bullets From Habikino H.C. Soot
Tarmvred Kryptoteknik Hybrid Components Component
Pink Anvil Ending Halloween Party Ipecac
Propellor Track 11 Oro Scratch
De La Guarda Globos De La Guarda Solvna / Island
Dino Felip Dead Wild Horses Well Suited For General Purpose Audio Work Schematic
Jarboe Not Logical Sacrificial Cake Alternative Tentacles
DJ Olive Shy Ear Swing Bodega The Agriculture