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  Jason Finkelman
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Archived Playlists - April

Sunday, April 25, 2004
Artist Song Album Label
Henry Jacobs Electronic Kabuki Mambo Electronic Kabuki Mambo Locust
Rodrigo Sigal Friction Of Things In Other Places Electroacoustic Music Vol IX Electroshock
Gary Hassay / Anne LeBaron Joe Knows Radical Grace Vol 1 Drimala
Rothenberg / Wieczorek / Jürjendal Some Thrum Soo-Roo Terra Nova
Burton Greene Gnat Dance Live @ Grassland Drimala
Shalabi Effect Deep Throat Pink Abyss Alien8
OOIOO Northern Lights Kila Kila Kila Thrill Jockey
Fennesz 47 Blues 9-16 Split Series Fat Cat
Johannes Welsch Nada Brahma Communion Total Loss
Otomo Yoshihide & Sachiko M Filament 1-7 Filament 1 Extreme
Damon Short & Jim Baker Why Would You Not Want To Know Us? Incidental Dialects Depth Perception
Molar Pulse The Time And Motion Studies False Walls
Jaqueline Humbert Oasis In The Air Chanteuse Lovely
Jonny Greenwood Clockwork Tin Soldiers Body Song Capitol
Brad Dutz Dry Steam Obliteration Percussion Quartet  
Octavius Momentum / Parisian War Song Audio Noir Mush
Uchihashi Kazuhisa & Gene Coleman 5 Storobo Imp False Walls
Jeff Kaiser & Ernesto Diaz Infante My Machines Came From Too Far Away Pith Balls And Inclined Planes pfMentum
Tiny Hairs Sprig Of Lint Coldless False Walls

Sunday, April 18, 2004
Artist Song Album Label
Thavis Beck To Make Manifest Decomposition Mush
Tiny Hairs Stalk Of An Eye Coldless False Walls
Jaqueline Humbert Via Dolorita, Street Of Sorrows, Street Of Signs Chanteuse Lovely Music
Wilt Tangled In Briars As Giants Watch Over Us Ad Noiseam
Uchihashi Kazuhisa & Gene Coleman 3 Storobo Imp False Walls
Randy Hostetler Track 4 Happily Ever After Frog Peak
James Tenney Cellogram Postal Pieces New World
Eric Leonardson Site Removal, Excerpt Radio Reverie In The Waiting Place Innocent Eyes And Lenses
Brad Dutz Japanese Toy Balloons Obliteration Percussion Quartet  
Brad Dutz Many Cowbells Obliteration Percussion Quartet  
Brad Dutz Many Membranes Obliteration Percussion Quartet  
Shalabi Effect Bright Guilty World Pink Abyss Alien8
Jonny Greenwood Splitter Body Song Capitol
Marcelo Radulovich Dervishes Hello Accretions
Octavius Vacant / Panic Audio Noir Mush
Kwisp Red Pap Lotus Teriyaki Vest Odyssey Pinephone
So A So Thrill Jockey
Trapist Time Axis Manipulation Pt 2 Ballroom Thrill Jockey
Fantômas Delerium Cordia (excerpt) Delerium Cordia Ipecac

Sunday, April 11, 2004
Artist Song Album Label
Johanna M. Beyer Music Of The Spheres Women In Electronic Music CRI
James Tenney Maximusic Postal Pieces New World
Tiny Hairs With Projecting Spines Coldless False Walls
Brad Dutz Wilted Salad Obliteration Percussion Quartet  
Shalabi Effect Kinder Surprise Pink Abyss Alien8
Wilt The Disappearance Of Man As Giants Watch Over Us Ad Noiseam
Molar Minimums The Time And Motion Studies False Walls
Octavius Surprisingly Concerned With One Another Audio Noir Mush
Jonny Greenwood Convergence Body Song Capitol
Jonny Greenwood Nvdnik Headache Body Song Capitol
OOIOO Sizuku Ring Neng Kila Kila Kila Thrill Jockey
Trapist The Meaning Of Flowers Ballroom Thrill Jockey
Deucalion Crossing Flammable Bridges The Severe Style Eupholus
Deucalion HORSE CHAIR (Freak 1) The Severe Style Eupholus
Laminar Burst Nozzle Asphodel
Kwisp Red Pap Lotus Teriyaki Vest Odyssey Pinephone
Sabers Lion Pose Specter Neurot
Gaby Kerpel Sintenerte Carnabailito Nonesuch
Vangelis Theme From Chariots Of Fire Odyssey Hip-O

Sunday, April 4, 2004
Artist Song Album Label
Brad Dutz Salt For The Losers Obliteration Percussion Quartet  
Robert Poss Memphis / Little Rock Distortion Is Truth Trace Elements
OOIOO Ene Soda Kila Kila Kila Thrill Jockey
Kwisp Dragon Titties Teriyaki Vest Odyssey Pinephone
Andy Votel Urbanite Rocks Styles Of The Unexpected Twisted Nerve
Teleu Nekaf Kolo Kot Matani Indonesian Guitars Smithsonian
Noah Creshevsky Canto Di Malavita Hyperrealism Mutable
Matmos For Felix (And All The Rats) A Chance To Cut Is A Chance To Cure Matador
Daedelus Scaling Snowdon Of Snowdonia Plug Research
Richard Devine Track 8 Asect:Dsect Schematic
Merzbow Itomakiei Age Of 369 / Chant 2 Extreme
Mark Feldman / Sylvie Courvoisier Smoke Music For Piano And Violin Avant
Alexander Volodin Circles Pt II Reflections Of Time Electroshock
The Hub Hot Pig The Hub Artifact
Tom Hamilton London Fix (excerpt) London Fix Muse-Eek