Hosted by:
  Jay Eychaner
  Jason Finkelman
 on WEFT 90.1fm

Sunday Evenings 8-10pm    
For ambient and experimental adds and other info contact Jay Eychaner

or mail to:
 Experimental Coordinator  c/o WEFT 90.1 FM
 113 N. Market St.
 Champaign, IL 61820

Archived Playlists

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Archived Playlists - March

Sunday, March 27, 2005 -- Hosted By Jay Eychaner, Jason Finkelman and Cyrus Pireh
Artist Song Album Label
Muhal Richard Abrams Sound Image of the Past, Present and Future Family Talk Black Saint
John Shirley Bauble Sonic Ninjitsu c74
Chuck Bettis Faith Is Fear Sonic Sigils Scarcelight
Dino Felipe 8 x 1942 I'm You Schematic
Piers Whyte No More Nukes Piers Whyte Ache
Spectrum Forever Alien Forever Alien Reprise
Emily Hay Waiting For Sara Like Minds pfMentum
Jeffrey Schanzer & Bernadette Speach 3-1/2 Dualities Mode
Black Dice Night Flight Creature Comforts DFA
Tatsuya Nakatani Volume Down, you'll get hurt Green Report 12 H&H production
Birchville Cat Motel Track 10 With Maples Ablaze Scarcelight
cLOUDDEAD Son Of A Gun Ten Mush
Chris Cutler / Lutz Glandien Unquiet Days In Eden Domestic Stories RéR
Kaada / Patton Crépuscule Romances Ipecac
Squarepusher Circlewave Ultravisitor Warp
Chris Coco & Sacha Puttnam Minore Remasterpiece EMI Classics
My Country Of Illusion My Sonic Memories American Dreamlife Fire Museum
Jack Wright The Hissed Up For Grabs Ears only
Cooper-Moore & Assif Tsahar Deviations Tells Untold Hopscotch
United States Of Belt Sparkle Night, Mojave Sparkle Night, Mojave Champ

Sunday, March 20, 2005 -- Hosted by Jay Eychaner
Artist Song Album Label
Crater Binaural Reciprocity Proceed c74
Uchihashi Kazuhisa & Gene Coleman 1 Storobo Imp. False Walls
Linda Gale Aubry, Maria Chavez, Chris Cogburn, Bryan Eubanks & Sabine Vogel Houston 3 No Idea Festival 2004 Spring Garden
The Jeff Kaiser Ockodektet Ave Maria And Commune The Alchemical Mass pfMentum
Tom Hamilton, Mike Silverton & Al Margolis The Enchanted Kielbasa Analogue Smoque Pogus
Alec K. Redfearn & The Eyesores Bulgarian Skin Mechanic The Quiet Room Cuneiform
John Gavanti New York Blues No Wave Operetta Atavistic
United States Of Belt Sleepytown Breakfast Pancake Alley Chloe / Champ
Piers Whyte Jacque In The Barbe Piers Whyte Ache

Sunday, March 13, 2005 -- Hosted By Jay Eychaner, Jason Finkelman and Cyrus Pireh
Artist Song Album Label
Dave Dove, Michael Greiner, Kurt Newman, Jack Wright Houston 5 No Idea Festival 2004 Spring Garden
Dino Felipe Mindspring@sealevel I'm You Schematic
Chuck Bettis Neuromancy Sonic Sigils Scarcelight
Mike Ladd Field work Negrophilia Thirsty Ear
Psychon Chairman Of The Bored (No Office Necessary) Apocalypse Has Been Dubbed The Weekend Pill Scarcelight
Kaiser/Diaz-Infante Sextet Suite Solutio Part IV Suite Solutio pfMentum
Tod Dockstader Luna Park Apocalypse Starkland
Johanna M. Beyer Music of the Spheres Women in Electronic Muisc 1977 CRI
Sabers Lion Pose Specter Neurot
Henry Kaiser & Wadada Leo Smith Macero Yo Miles! Upriver Cuneiform
Wolf Eyes Village Oblivia Burned Mind Sub Pop
Fast 'N' Bulbous: The Captain Beefheart Project When Big Joan Sets Up Pork Chop Blue Around The Rind Cuneiform
Christian Marclay New York 9/17/2000 dj Trio Asphodel
Alec K. Redfearn & The Eyesores Punjabi / Watery Grave The Quiet Room Cuneiform
Negativland Helter Stupid Prologue Helter Stupid Seeland
Chris Coco & Sascha Puttnam Berceuse Remasterpiece EMI
Gen Ken Montgomery Goafishbreath Pondfloorsample XI
United States Of Belt Ping Pong Holiday Pancake Alley Chloe / Champ

Sunday, March 6, 2005 -- Hosted By Jay Eychaner, Jason Finkelman and Cyrus Pireh
Artist Song Album Label
Susan Allen & Vinny Golina Duet Number 9 Duets 9 Winds
Chris Brown Rumba Quinto, Havana Cuba Talking Drum Pogus
Annea Lockwood Water Gong The Glass World Nonsequitur
Kali Z. Fasteau Eye Of The Storm Making Waves Flying Note
Zeena Parkins Bowed Body Bonewhite No Way Back Atavistic
OOIOO On Mani Kila Kila Kila Thrill Jockey
William Parker Unrestricted (for Julius Hemphill) In Order To Survive Homestead Records
Lesli Dalaba / Fred Frith / Eric Glick Rieman / Carla Kihlstedt Shallow Weather DalabaFrithGlickRiemanKihlstedt Accretions
Sofia Gubaidulina Chaconne MCE-180 Degrees from Ordinary Innova
Evelyn Glennie Eldorado Light In Darkness RCA Victor
Catherine Jauniaux & Ikue Mori Smell Tellus 26 Harvestworks
Mirjam Tally Mythos Part I Electroshock Presents. . . Vol.VII Electroshock
Judy Dunaway Champagne In Mexico City - Fragment Set #1 Balloon Music CRI
Joan La Barbara Erin Sound Paintings Lovely
Wendy Carlos Sheep May Safely Graze Switched On Box Set ESD
Jacqueline Humbert Oasis In The Air Chanteuse Lovely Music
Ellen Fullman & Konrad Sprenger Simple Words Ort Choose
Suckdog Joan Of Arc Onward Suckdog Soldiers Tray Full Of Lab Mice
Cristina Zavalloni Open Quartet Afro Tin-Tin When You Go Yes Is Yes Felmay