Hosted by:
  Jay Eychaner
  Jason Finkelman
 on WEFT 90.1fm

Sunday Evenings 8-10pm    
For ambient and experimental adds and other info contact Jay Eychaner

or mail to:
 Experimental Coordinator  c/o WEFT 90.1 FM
 113 N. Market St.
 Champaign, IL 61820

Archived Playlists

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Archived Playlists - October

Sunday, October 29, 2006 -- Hosted by Jay Eychaner
Artist Song Album Label
Yermo Yermo (excerpt) Yermo Last Visible Dog
Peeesseye oo-ee-oo Commuting Between The Surface And The Underworld Evolving Ear
Kronos Quartet North Platte, Nebras-katte U.S. Highball Nonesuch
John Gavanti New York Blues An Operetta Atavistic
Chris Mann Or, Yellow (excerpt) Chris Mann and The Use Lovely
Bruno Ruviaro Enteri Pelo Canon 1a DIY Canons Pogus
William C. Harrington Inconclusion Urban Electronic Music Live self released
Interface sphism ./swank c74
No Neck Blues Band & Embryo After Marja's Cats Embryonnck Staubgold
Hans Fjellestad Don Garlica 33 Accretions
Keijo If Not Before For A While Last Visible Dog
Peter Rehberg Skin Fermdkoerper Mosz
Main Outer Corona Deliquescence Beggar's Banquet
Farmacia Hori Miwako Crucial Sky In the LandOf Premonitions At Lorenzo's Weekend Psych-o-Path
Maju hktm Maju-4 Extreme
Magicicada Turi' Everyone Is Everyone Public Guilt
Negativland Gimme The Mermaid Fair Use Seeland

Sunday, October 22, 2006 -- Hosted By Jay Eychaner and Jason Finkelman
Artist Song Album Label
Scott Solter In Memory Of In Or Out Canonic Hometapes
Jason Moran Refraction 1 Artist In Residence Blue Note
Gordon Mumma Small Size Mograph David Tudor & Gordon Mumma New World
Christian Wolff Exercise 11 Ten Exercises New World
Nathan Hubbard Discrepancy In Flow II (For John Cage) Compositions 1998-2005 Circumvention
Thollem Mcdonas & Edoardo Ricci House of Old Cold Stone House Sono Contento di Stare Qua Edgetone Records
Negativland Mertz, A Force Of Nature, Hard and Soft Thinking, The Good Life, Cars Time Zones Exchange Project Seeland
Farmacia Amasijar Crucial Sky In The Land Of Premonitions At Lorenzo's Weekend Psych-O-Path
Maju #4 Maju-4 Extreme
Richard Pinhas Tikkun (Part 1): The Unification of the Name Metatron Cuneiform
John Shirley G-VRAN Sonic Ninjitsu c74
DJ Spooky & Dave Lombardo A Darker Shade Of Bleak Blue Series Sampler Thirsty Ear
Flat Earth Society De Zoekactie Isms Ipecac
Bradley Parker-Sparrow Pipe Cleaner Shut Eye Southport
So G So Thrill Jockey
Rothkamm Astronaut of Inner Space FB02 Astronaut of Inner Space Flux
Kwisp Red Pap Lotus Teriyaki Vest Odyssey Pinephone

Sunday, October 15, 2006 -- Hosted by Jay Eychaner
Artist Song Album Label
Scott Solter Wire Cloth Canonic Hometapes
Axolotl Uroboros Way Blank Psych-O-Path
Maju cld Maju-4 Extreme
Philip Jeck & Janek Schaefer Aegean Tea Songs For Europe Asphodel
David Behrman Players With Circuits Wave Train Alga Marghen
Rothkamm Astronaut Of Inner Space Astronaut Of Inner Space Flux
Anla Courtis Invisible Clown Sonata Tape Works Pogus
Alan Sondheim Matsui One Ski/nn Fire Museum
Bloom Pistil Bloom Edgetone
Hans Grüsel's Kränkenkabinet Comb Parade Happy As Pitch CIP
Yermo Yermo Yermo Last Visible Dog

Sunday, October 8, 2006 -- Hosted by Jay Eychaner
Artist Song Album Label
Peeesseye Ballad Of Fine Decay Commuting Between The Surface & The Underworld Evolving Ear
Marcelo Radulovich Track 2 (Case Of The Missing) Thumb Accretions
Ben Renolds Heavy Masks, Wheels Etc Book Of Beyond Last Visible Dog
Yasuhiro Otani & Tatsu Aoki The Revolving Door Dial Asian Improv
Birchville Cat Motel Kanji Email Dreaming Curved Surface Destroyer Last Visible Dog
Christian Wolff Exercise 18 Ten Exercises New World
Curtis Glatter & Nathan Hubbard Mobile:Alabaster Rivulet Circumvention
Boris Hauf Dust Soft Left Onto Westland Mosz
Boris Hauf Waste Management Business Soft Left Onto Westland Mosz
Ennio Morricone Astratto 3 Crime And Dissonance Ipecac
Ennio Morricone Rapimento In Campo Aperto Crime And Dissonance Ipecac
Flössin Track 5 Lead Singer Ache

Sunday, October 1, 2006 -- Hosted by Jay Eychaner
Artist Song Album Label
Farmacia Ezpeleta Crucial Sky In The Land Of Premonitions At Lorenzo's Weekend Psych-O-Path
Geoff Mullen Track 5 The Air In Pieces Last Visible Dog
Robert Henke Studies For Thunder Signal To Noise Imbalance Computer Music
Beequeen Paste And Roundwound Treatise Auf Abwegen
Hélène Prévost La Voix Dans Le Sac / The Voice In The Bag Montreal Sound Matter Pogus
Peeesseye Distant Mud Commuting Between The Surface & The Underworld Evolving Ear
Magicicada I Demand My Fucking Cloud Everyone Is Everyone Public Guilt
Linda Gale Aubry, Maria Chavez, Chris Cogburn & Bryan Eubanks Beach Party No Idea Festival Spring Garden
Keijo Eternal For A While For A While Last Visible Dog
Axolotl Pneuma Way Blank Psych-O-Path
Eastern Fox Squirrels How Would We Know If A Squirrel Was Crazy? Eastern Fox Squirrels Last Visible Dog