Hosted by:
  Jay Eychaner
  Jason Finkelman
 on WEFT 90.1fm

Sunday Evenings 8-10pm    
For ambient and experimental adds and other info contact Jay Eychaner

or mail to:
 Experimental Coordinator  c/o WEFT 90.1 FM
 113 N. Market St.
 Champaign, IL 61820

Archived Playlists

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Archived Playlists - October

Sunday, October 28, 2007 -- Hosted By Jay Eychaner and Jason Finkelman
Artist Song Album Label
David Rosenboom Palazzo Future Travel New World
Markus Reuter & Robert Rich Reminder Eleven Questions Unsung
Murmur Discovery Of Mother Voidness Fermata Backporch Revolution
Jason Kao Hwang Grassy Hills Local Lingo Euonymus
Nagaoag Track 5 Yama Labam A Public Eyesore
David Watson Sinister Track 7 Fingering An Idea XI
Keijo Landing Here Whose Dream We Live In? Fire Museum
Alex Cline Ensemble Evening Bell The Constant Flame Cryptogramophone
Jacqueline Humbert Lullaby Chanteuse Lovely
Geoff Gersh Masses Follow Masses Masses Deep Listening

Sunday, October 21, 2007 -- Hosted by Jason Finkelman
Artist Song Album Label
Robert Dick & Ursula Schlicht Lapis Blues Photosphere Nemu
Monroe Golden Scarham Creek Alabama Places Innova
David Watson Sinister Track 6 Fingering An Idea XI
Healing Force Music Is The Healing Force Of The Universe The Songs Of Albert Ayler Cuneiform
Groundtruther Kingda Ka Altitude Thirsty Ear
Eric Richards Time's Racing The Bells Themselves New World
Trevor Watts & Jamie Harris Anna B Ancestry Entropy Stereo
Robert Vincs Devic Kingdom Devic Kingdom Extreme
Geoff Gersh Prelude Masses Deep Listening
If, Bwana Radio Slaves Radio Slaves Monochrome Vision
Nagaoag Track 1 Yama Labam A Public Eyesore
Virgil Moorefield Crosstalk Things You Must Do To Get To Heaven Innova
Guy Klucesvek Below 14th Street | Above 125th Street Manhattan Cascade CRI
Shelf Life Rctuwdsko Ductworks Public Eyesore

Sunday, October 14, 2007 -- Hosted By Jay Eychaner and Jason Finkelman
Artist Song Album Label
Monroe Golden Iron Road Alabama Places Innova
Kyle Gann No. 9, Petty Larceny Nude Rolling Down An Escalator New World Records
Phil Niblock Unmentionable Piece For Trombone And Sousaphone Young Person's Guide To Phil Niblock XI
Virgil Moorefield Arrival Of The Crows Things You Must Do To Get Into Heaven Innova
Geoff Gersh Waking Up To No One Masses Deep Listening
Main XIV Firmament III Beggar's Banquet
Daniel Menche October's Larynx Pt 3 October's Larynx Alluvial
Shelf Life Rtcsowkud Ductworks Public Eyesore
Harry Partch Two Detectives On The Trail Of A Tricky Culprit Turn In Their Badges The Harry Partch Collection Vol 4 New World
Groundtruther Mariana Trench Altitude Thirsty Ear
Open City A Valley Forge The Birth Of Cruel Thin Wrist
Christian Wolff Exercise 18 Ten Exercises New World Records
Healing Force New Generation The Songs Of Albert Ayler Cuneiform Records

Sunday, October 7, 2007 -- Hosted By Jay Eychaner and Jason Finkelman
Artist Song Album Label
Shelf Life Tkcrdsuow Ductworks Public Eyesore
The Music Tapes The Clapping Hands 1st Imaginary Symphony For Nomad Merge
If, Bwana Gift Of Life Radio Slaves Monochrome Vision
If, Bwana The Great One Radio Slaves Monochrome Vision
Geoff Gersh The Road Masses Deep Listening
Hans Grüssel's Kränkenkabinet Unter Wasser Variations Two/Master Hands (Scene 3) Happy As Pitch CIP
Healing Force A Man Is Like A Tree The Songs Of Albert Ayler Cuneiform
Nagaoag Track 4 Yama Labam A Public Eyesore
Dave Douglas' Tiny Bell Trio Constellations Constellations Hat Hut
Trevor Dunn's Trio-Convulsant Perfumed With Crime Deutantes & Centipedes Buzz
Bruce Eisenbell Cues To The Vagabond Inner Constellation Nemu
Monroe Golden Montevallo Alabama Places Innova
Daau Hot Shades (my medina) We Need New Animals Sony Classical
Pulga Tequila Feast Pulga Loves You Fire Museum
Konono No.1 Intro Live At Couleur Café Crammed
The Mighty Vitamins Talk That Big Talk Take-Out Public Eyesore
Eric Richards Chicken Pull The Bells Themselves New World
Robert Vincs Mantra Devic Kingdom Extreme
Robert Vincs Saraghina Devic Kingdom Extreme
Natsuki Emura 24 Dots Experimental Tokyo Innocent Eyes & Lenses
[The User] Track 5 Symphony #2 For Dot Matrix Printers Asphodel
Laurie Anderson O Superman Live At Town Hall New York City, September 19-20, 2001 Nonesuch
Smegma Smegma Plays Merzbow Smegma Plays Merzbow Tim/Kerr