Hosted by:
  Jay Eychaner
  Jason Finkelman
 on WEFT 90.1fm

Sunday Evenings 8-10pm    
For ambient and experimental adds and other info contact Jay Eychaner

or mail to:
 Experimental Coordinator  c/o WEFT 90.1 FM
 113 N. Market St.
 Champaign, IL 61820

Archived Playlists

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Archived Playlists - November

Sunday, November 30, 2008 -- Hosted By Jay Eychaner and Jason Finkelman
Artist Song Album Label
Gordon Mumma Graftings Music For Solo Piano New World
EST Still Leucocyte EmArcy
Still A Dream You Were Alive Remains Public Guilt
Healing Force Heart Love The Songs Of Albert Ayler Cuneiform
Joan La Barbara Twelvesong Voice Is The Original Instrument Lovely
Theo Bleckmann & John Hollenbeck over a door, over a mirror or on its own Static Still gpe records
Alex Cline, Jeff Gauthier, GE Stinson Left On The Other Shore Cryptogramophone
Richard Pinhas and Merzbow Merzdon/Heldow Kills Animal Killers Keio Line Cuneiform
interface sdoo ./swank c74
Theodore Lotis Underwater Theories époque De L'eau Empreintes Digitales
Noah Creshevsky Mari Kimura Redux Favorite Encores Pogus
Preston Art Swirnoff Maariv 3 For Electric Guitar Maariv Last Visible Dog

Sunday, November 23, 2008 -- Hosted by Jay Eychaner
Artist Song Album Label
Burgener, Teitelbaum & Müller Interiorities Shift For 4 Ears
Richard Pinhas and Merzbow Fuck The Power (And Fuck Global Players) Keio Line Cuneiform
Earl Howard Clepton Clepton New World
David Rosenboom On Being Invisible, Part 1 Invisible Gold Pogus
Skozey Fetisch Track 29 Momma:Key Sulphur
Skozey Fetisch Track 30 Momma:Key Sulphur
Skozey Fetisch Track 31 Momma:Key Sulphur
Social Interiors Silent Latitudes Spatial Circumference Endgame
Thomas Dimuzio Misguided Mono::Poly Gench

Sunday, November 16, 2008 -- Hosted By Jay Eychaner and Jason Finkelman
Artist Song Album Label
E.S.T. Leucocyte III. Ad Mortem Leucocyte EmArcy
Roger Reynolds Ping All Known, All White Pogus
Rhythm Kings Of Bushel Finland Down Home Rhythm Kings Of Bushel Finland Majmua
Peeesseye Distant Mud Commuting Between The Surface And The Underworld Evolving Ear
Dohee Lee SoRi of Gongsu SoRi = Sound Asian Improv
TV Po Maybe It's The Alternator TV Pow Presents... Southport
ZGA Moon's Fury The End Of An Epoch RéR
Nagaoag Track 8 Yama Labam A Eh?
Kenneth Gaburo Dante's Joynte Tape Play Pogus
The Hub Dovetail Boundary Layer Tzadik
blink. Glass The Epidemic Of Ideas Thirsty Ear
Hans Fjellestad Cabrito 33 Acccretions

Sunday, November 9, 2008 -- Hosted By Jay Eychaner and Jason Finkelman
Artist Song Album Label
Tim Kaiser Electronic Prayer No. 4 Machine Music Kaiser Electrical Instrument Co.
Mark Deutsch The Painted Bird Fool...  
Paul Metzger Orans Deliverance Locust
Mark Izu Soul Of The Great Bell Threading Time Belly to Belly
Jin Hi Kim Slow View Picnic KomunGuitar ¿What Next?
Dohee Lee SoRi Of Param Wind SoRi = Sound Asian Improv
Richard Pinhas and Merzbow Chaos Line Keio Line Cuneiform
Richard Youngs & Simon Wickham-Smith 2005 5 Years VHF
Nick Sondy Looking Out With Eyes Closed The Incidence Of Coincidence  
If, Bwana Cicada #4: Version Barnard Favorite Encores Pogus
Geoff Gersh Waking Up To No One Masses Deep Listening

Sunday, November 2, 2008 -- Hosted By Jay Eychaner and Jason Finkelman
Artist Song Album Label
Richard Pinhas Shibuya AKS Keio Line Cuneiform
Alex Cline, Kaoru, Miya Masaoka & G.E. Stinson Visual Drift Cloud Plate Cryptogramophone
Dave Dove, Matt Ingals & Kurt Newman Austin Six No Idea Festival Coincident
Nick Sondy What time did it say when you looked at your watch? The Incidence Of Coincidence self-released
If, Bwana Xyloxings Favorite Encores Pogus
Günter Müller and Jim O'Rourke In Besides Between Weighting For 4 Ears
Adnan Marquez-Borbon emv.5 The Paradox of Continuity Circumvention
Sarah Peebles Insect Groove Insect Groove c74
Birchville Cat Motel Track 10 With Maples Ablaze Scarcelight
Theo Bleckmann & John Hollenbeck Splatter Screens Static Still gpe records
R.H.Y. Yau Scherzo 7810003 Coagulation Auscultare
R.H.Y. Yau Sweat Cling Coagulation Auscultare