Hosted by:
  Jay Eychaner
  Jason Finkelman
 on WEFT 90.1fm

Sunday Evenings 8-10pm    
For ambient and experimental adds and other info contact Jay Eychaner

or mail to:
 Experimental Coordinator  c/o WEFT 90.1 FM
 113 N. Market St.
 Champaign, IL 61820

Archived Playlists

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Archived Playlists - July

Sunday, July 26, 2009 -- Hosted by Jason Finkelman
Artist Song Album Label
The Hub Rol 'em The Hub Artifact
Sodaalien The Longest Night In My Life, Again Succubus Aristocracy Communication
Stephan Moore Transmission To Build A Field Deep Listening
Andy Partridge & Harold Budd Missing Pieces to the Game of Salt and Onyx Through The Hill Gyroscope
Sarah Peebles Listen To The Sound Of The Sun Sinking Into The Lake Insect Groove c74
Brad Shepik Waves Human Activity Suite Songlines
Steve Lehman Waves Travail, Transformation, and Flow PI Recordings
Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Strings Symbology #1 Renegades Delmark
David Rosenboom Section VIII (Unification) How Much Better If Plymouth Rock Had Landed On The Pilgrims? New World
David Berezan Styal La Face Cachée Empreintes Digitales
John Luther Adams The Place We Began The Place We Began Cold Blue
Lawrence Butch Morris Conduction #70 - Part 1 Conduction #70: Tit For Tat For 4 Ears

Sunday, July 19, 2009 -- Hosted By Jay Eychaner and Jason Finkelman
Artist Song Album Label
Robert Reigle A Dance Period The Marriage of Heaven and Earth Acoustic Levitation
Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble The Eleventh Hour part 4 The Eleventh Hour ECM
Steve Lehman Octet Waves Travail, Transformation and Flow Pi
Jacques Tremblay L'enigme Anima Chroniques D'une Séduction Empreintes Digitales
Roger Smith North 22 (No Catch) Greenwood Emanem
Günter Müller & Jim O'Rourke In Over Besides Weighting For 4 Ears
David Behrman On The Other Ocean On The Other Ocean Lovely
Wrekmeister Harmonies Paris Volume One Atavistic
The LA Drivers Union Por Por Group Driver Take Me, The Train Has Left Me Behind Por Por: Honk Horn Music of Ghana Smithsonian Folkways
Tom Hamilton, Mike Silverton & Al Margolis A Rift In The Ceiling Analogue Smoque Pogus
Stephan Moore Comae To Build A Field Deep Listening
Cluster Lerandis Qua Nepenthe

Sunday, July 12, 2009 -- Hosted By Jay Eychaner and Jason Finkelman
Artist Song Album Label
David Berezan Cyclo La Face Cachèe Empreintes Digitales
Mark Alban Lotz & Lotz of Music Oops Swallowed Bite! Lop Lop
Mark Alban Lotz & Lotz of Music Electric Eel Lullaby Bite! Lop Lop
Taiga Remains Leaf Green Bodies Wax Canopy Digitalis
Deep Listening Band Trog Arena Trogolodyte's Delight ¿What Next?
Chantal Dumas s/t w/t Montreal Sound Matter Pogus
Cluster Xanesra Qua Nepenthe
David Rosenboom Section II (Symmetrical Harmonies In Chaotic Orbits) How Much Better If Plymouth Rock Had Landed On The Pilgrims New World
Joan La Barbara Berliner TrŠume Sound Paintings Lovely
Colleen Mining In The Rain The Golden Morning Breaks Leaf
Miriodor À Déterminer Avanti! Cuneiform
Rice Corpse Resurrection Men Mrs Rice Dual Plover
The Hub Wheelies Wreckin' Ball Artifact

Sunday, July 5, 2009 -- Hosted by Jay Eychaner
Artist Song Album Label
Taiga Remains Skyward Wax Canopy Digitalis
Augur Woman Made Of Cardinals Strange Seeds Come From Odd Flowers Manifold
Stephan Moore Wick To Build A Field Deep Listening
Ned Bouhalassa Urban Cuts Gitte-cité Empreintes Digitales
Irritating Horse Eye Thigh-Line Liar From Beneath Unborn Feet Abstract Hits
Bran(...)Pos Face Noish Chirphuis Soundcrack
Rice Corpse Resurrection Men Mrs Rice Dual Plover
Jazzkammer Timex Hot Action Sexy Karaoke Ground Fault
Skuli Sverrisson The Rain Is Not A Metaphor Seremonie Extreme
David Grubbs & Mats Gustafsson Three If By Train Off-Road Bllue Chopsticks
Wrekmeister Harmonies New York Volume One Atavistic